Friday 26 June 2020, we will prepare the delicious Fruit Slide Recipe on Mornin' Barbados!

Meet Your President 2019 - 21:

Ms. Trudy N. Griffith is currently employed as a Pharmacist II at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 


In 2014, she was awarded the Master of Science in Clinical Pharmacy from Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland.


In addition to her ongoing clinical practice, she currently serves as a training facilitator on behalf of the Diabetes Association of Barbados. She serves as a Coordinator in the collaboration between the University of the Southern Caribbean and the Diabetes Association of Barbados to design and deliver the Certified Diabetes Educator certificate programme.


She was elected as President of the Diabetes Association of Barbados in 2017; she was recently re-elected to serve another two year term.

Executive Chef Adrian Myles will prepare another original recipe by Nicole Griffith, Happy Plates, a tasty and nutritious option!

Aww! So cute. When a child is born, parents live through lack of sleep, changed priorities and schedules and general upheaval. While family life may settle and a routine is established over time, puberty approaches and again, the family is subject to disruption initiated by this natural change in the body’s maturity.

Puberty can be difficult for children. They deal with changing bodies and image perceptions, shifting social lives, and surging hormones. For children with type 1 diabetes, those changes have an extra impact which means that they will have to manage their condition a little differently. It can also work the other way around; diabetes can affect how puberty happens.

We lift up and support all fathers who are living through those turbulent times and particularly fathers who have children living with type 1 diabetes. Tune in this Tuesday at 8:30 PM on Starcom 92.9 FM as we focus on navigating the teenage years with children living with diabetes. It will take some extra effort, but you can help your child stay healthy during this natural transition to adulthood.

We invite you to tune in to VOB 92.9 radio or log onto at 8:30 p.m. every Tuesday night to listen to: 


A 45 minute radio programme sponsored by the Diabetes Association of Barbados.

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