General healthy eating habits:

  • Eat smaller portion sizes. Especially of foods high in starch such as potatoes, rice, pasta, bread.

  • Cut down on sweet beverages like juice and soft drinks. Instead drink lots of water!

  • Eat as many vegetables as possible every day.

  • Eat smaller meals throughout the day and do not skip meals.

Where does glucose come from?

Fibre is your friend, foods high in fibre can

  • Protect your blood glucose from spiking

  • Make you feel more full

  • Are good for your digestive system

  • Can lower your cholesterol


Food diary

Look for specific starchy/ sugary foods that regularly lead to a high blood sugar reading after a meal/snack. Once you identify a specific food, you can try to: (1) Decrease the amount of it you eat. (2) Combine it with a protein option as you eat, such as meat or cheese. (3) Replace it with a healthier option that has more fiber. (4) Cut it out.

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