Physical Activity

Exercise is very important for diabetes prevention and control. 


Exercising can help prevent diabetes because it can lower blood pressure, help with weight loss and lower cholesterol. These are all risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, so improving them will lower your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.


Did you know?

Exercise is the only way to bring down blood sugar levels other than taking insulin!

Therefore it is an extremely useful tool for someone who is diabetic and is often experiencing high blood sugar levels.



The best time to exercise when you are diabetic is right after a meal, especially if it is a big mea. This way blood sugars won't go too high.



If you are a diabetic who often experiences episodes of low blood sugars, make sure you eat a snack before exercising!



At least 30 minutes of exercise a day or 150 min per week

-> you need to sweat!


Excercise includes any activity that makes your body work hard enough to break a sweat: 

- walking quickly

- gardening

- swimming

- running

- biking